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This house was on West Washington Blvd, now Abbot Kinney. Poet John Kertisz says of the Front Porch Tea House "I bought the property in 1976, painted it as you see in the pics, and started the gallery/tea house in 1977."


Table of Contents

Venice in Print - books about Venice or where Venice is mentioned

Venice in Books A-C alphabetized by author's last name
Venice in Books D-K
Venice in Books L-P
Venice in Books Q-Z
Quotations about Venice from many primary sources, not cribbed from other web pages
Mentions in other places such as magazines
List of the cover stories from the Free Venice Beachhead from '77 to '85
30 Years Ago in the Free Venice Beachhead
Free Venice Beachhead
archives 1980-81
Free Venice Beachhead 15th Anniversary
Beachhead Archives 1982
Beachhead Archives 1983
Beachhead Archives 1984
1914-1916 Part 1 Articles researched and written by students enrolled at California State University for a class taught by Dr. Arnold Springer. The economic scene
1914-1916 Part 4 Entertainment and sports
1914-1916 Part 5 Minorities and Racism
Windward Avenue Sketches Part 1 (1980) - tales from longtime resident John Hamilton
Windward Avenue Sketches Part 2
Lighthearted Beachhead pieces
People of Venice in Beachhead articles
Windward Avenue Articles in the Beachhead
Art in the Beachhead
Venice institutions in the Beachhead
Destiny's Consent series by Laura Shepard Townsend
Lions and Gondolas: Book 2 of Destiny's Consent
Rana Ayzeren, author of Barefoot in Venice, interviewed
Tales of the Blue Meanie by Allan Cole
Chapter from Tales of the Blue Meanie by Allan Cole
He Usually Lived with a Female: the Life of a California Newspaperman by George Garrigues
The Spectre founded by John Haag
Venice Historical Society reviews Virtual Venice
1969 Police Riots

Venice in Other Media including live happenings: because life is the most all-encompassing medium of all

Films made wholly or partly in Venice, and films associated with Venice for other reasons
The Beats: An Existential Comedy by Philomene Long
Actors, Screenwriters, Directors, Novelists and Journalists who live or have lived in Venice
Actors, Screenwriters, Directors, Novelists and Journalists who had or have a studio, office, or hangout - including single sightings
TV appearances
Theater either in or about Venice, and performance art
1978 Venice Festival Program
The Fabulous Fox Venice Theater
Tale of the Fox by Wendy Reeves
Centennial the big event of Summer 2005
Birth of Venice - and early years - old timey artifacts
Resistance Celebration Schedule
Resistance Celebration articles
Drum Circle enthusiasts - The Rhythm of Venice Beach
The University of Venice offers exciting programs
Games related to Venice, electronic and otherwise

Materials from Venice - Ocean Park Co-op 1978
Show Biz Comes to Venice - being a movie extra
Spoken Word - audiotapes and more
Annual Events - festivals, etc.
Attractions - especially from the past
Institutions, Organizations, Foundations
Publishers: print, graphics, bookstores, distributors
Rubber Tramps of Venice - local people in documentary
Gerald Wiegert and the Vector Supercar
Paul Tanck on Venice-related films
JJ for President

Poets are mostly on this page and some have their own

Anne Alexander
Kate Braverman
Lynne Bronstein and a page of her Venice Poems
Wanda Coleman
John Kertisz
Philomene Long Thomas and John Thomas
Poetry and Prose by Philomene and John
The Last Days of John Thomas
Laureate at Ceremony - Philomene Long's poem
My Philomene - a remembrance
Stuart Z. Perkoff
John O'Kane
Venice Poems
Zendik poem: Buck-or-Two Blues Rap
Ballad of Reading Jail - Poetry at the Old Venice Jail
The Gas House, headquarters of Venice West beats
GV6: THE ODYSSEY - 31 poets, mostly Venice
Illuminating the Wasteland - about Philomene Long, by John O'Kane
Majid Naficy - formerly of Iran, now of Venice
Van Gogh's Ear fabled coffeehouse
Clair Horner
Linda Schramm-Williams In Venice CA

Nobody Leaves Venice: thoughts on living there from former and current residents.
The Christmas Ladder
Through the Veil by Hillary Gross
Reminiscences by Moe Stavnezer
Jack Ibarra sadly missed
Carol Biddulph Dickinson reminiscences

Music main page

Music in Venice A-H
Music in Venice I-P
Music in Venice Q-Z
Street performers
Music inspired by or named for Venice
Studios, labels and performance venues
Francisco and his Cosmic Beam
Francisco Lupica interview
Ted Hawkins - currently a Coming Attraction
What music says Venice to you?
Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo
The Lones / Panic Choir / Wild Blooms
Harry Partch by Paul Tanck
Alan Catlin's Harry Partch poems
Rickie Lee Jones

Virtual Boardwalk

unique Venice memorabilia and limited edition collectibles, mini Centennial plates with scenes of old Venice, other miniatures on the Venice theme, Enhanced Postcards, theater posters, and more
Links to other Venice sites
Links to non-Venice yet very wonderful sites
How to have your own Banned Books Read-In
Used book stall, and of course Hartman's Venice books new
Venice Quiz - a vintage item from Moe Stavnezer et al
Art for sale
Boardwalk Miscellaneous - Various fun things that don't fit anywhere else
Architect Steven Ehrlich's three Windward Circle buildings designed in homage to Old Venice
Boardwalk character Alky Bob
Venice questions you just might know the answers to
Boardwalk-related excerpts from Call Someplace Paradise
Aaron Waugh's boardwalk vending proposal
Coins of Venice
Future of Venice?

Visual Arts in Venice, then and now

Roster of Venice Artists, past and present
Dale Hartman snapshots
Windward Avenue in the old days
Night Scenes in the old days
Canals and Bridges in the old days
Gondolas in the old days
Lagoon and Midway Plaisance in the old days
Miniature Railroad in the old days
Market Street in the old days
Mecca Buffet in the old days
Thompson's Scenic Railway in the old days
Cabrillo Ship Cafe'
The old Venice Pier

Bath House or Plunge in the old days
1921 Scientific American pictures of amusements
Arielle Haze photos of Venice
Arielle Haze photos of art in Venice
Scott Shellstrom Venice oil paintings
Chris Burden, performance artist
Jack Chipman Grace on the Water
Unpainting the Town: Lost Murals
Contemporary photos by Helen K. Garber
Jeff Verges graphic arts
Lance Diskan - visual artist and so much more
Photographer Avid Brickman's Venice childhood
Art at the Rose Cafe'
the new Venice Sign
Venice-based Art by many different people
Ferus Gallery - the legend lives on
Mario Barrios - impromptu boardwalk art
Gary Steinborn and Venice Clay
Earl Newman through the years
Murals of Venice
the St. Charles Mural by Terry Schoonhoven
Spoons of Venice
The Beach in the old days
The Auditorium in the old days
The Aquarium in the old days

Venice Writings by Pat Hartman

Ghost Town: a Venice California Life
Comments from readers on Ghost Town
List of topics in Ghost Town
Reviews of Call Someplace Paradise
Venice Festival at the Fox Venice Theater
30 Years Ago in Venice - what was going on in the community (excerpts from Call Someplace Paradise) and/or the neighborhood (excerpts from Ghost Town: a Venice California Life)
Kinney's Folly
- Venice fiction now and upcoming
" Bent Out of Shape" - short story
After the Burglary - on value and loss, an outtake from Ghost Town
One of those deaths that stay with you - the murder of
Sarai Ribicoff, an excerpt from Ghost Town
Visions of Venice through various eyes
To See Venice Is To Live - the founding day slogan
Sisters Under the Skin - the true sister city of Venice
A Venice Wedding

Venice paintings by Pat Hartman

Little pictures that show up quickly, with the option to take a closer look if you want.

The Author Pat Hartman and friends from
Salon: A Journal of Aesthetics

Hartman in Cyberspace
Moving Target contents - my blog
File cabinet: writing I want to sell
Salon: A Journal of Aesthetics
Covers from Salon
More covers from Salon
Articles from Salon
s most ubiquitous artist Ace Backwords on:
the homeless situation
the neighborhood
Fan mail for Salon
Salon ads
Salon contributors - links to their current projects
Ace Backwords: a tribute to my major culture hero
Michael Ventura: an appreciation from Salon #14

Paintings by Pat Hartman, other than Venice

Urban Aborigine Style: animals
Urban Aborigine Style: Joshua Tree
Urban Aborigine Style: miscellaneous
Miscellaneous subjects







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