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Digital eBooks
from Medicine Bow Gallery

For a modern PC running Windows, or a Mac with PC emulator. If you're not totally comfortable with computers, it might be good to see the bottom half of this page before going on.

1. Please install the Reader
The Reader is very small file, quickly downloaded even with a landline. More about the Reader further down the page.

2. Then look at, or download from this page, any sample Digital eBook, and start thinking about how this format can serve your creative needs.

Joshua Tree Dreamings

The St. Charles MuralThis series of paintings with a common theme is a great example of the usefulness of eBooks for artists and other creative people.

The St. Charles MuralThe St. Charles Mural

Informational pamphlets with words and pictures can be adapted to any subject, and can be any length.


Mother/DaughterThe Digital eBook is a great format for a specialized photo album - a trip, a wedding, an adventure. This sample custom album, with turning pages, explores the sometimes eerie similarities between pictures of mother and daughter, taken many years apart.

Panel 45W Line 48

StagesRemembering a Soldier. Or any departed loved one. A memorial eBook can be any number of pages long and include any number of pictures.

Mini Roses

A lovely way to show off your product, craft, hobby or collection.



The Digital eBook with Turning Pages is a friendly, cuddly technology that can be shaped into art, unique memorabilia, sentimental gifts, and special projects of all kinds.

How to Order
Contact Pat Hartman
hartman (at) frii (dot) com
Medicine Bow Gallery
Tel (503) 703-0449
mbgallery (at) gmail (dot) com


We make a Digital eBook with YOUR pictures and words.

What you can do with your Digital eBook:

E-mail it to friends.
Copy it onto CDs or floppy disks to give away or sell.
Artists, models, designers - use it as a digital portfolio to showcase examples of your creativity.
At book signings, trade shows, or other events, or in a store window or other retail display, set automatic page turning to show your book over and over.
Include links to web pages in the book.
Your readers can print one page or the whole book, or you can block that ability.

Until July 31, 2007
Children's Book Authors:
We're looking for one children's book to transform into Digital eBook format FREE, in return for letting us show it as a sample. It comes to you on a CD, which you can copy as many times as you want, to send to anybody.
Contact Pat Hartman, hartman (at) frii (dot) com

These books contain examples of some available covers.

A Digital eBook can also be square, or wider than it is tall.

A "large" or "very large" size book needs a monitor screen at least as large as the book is.

Custom Digital eBook, made to your specifications
Before it is finalized, a proof version of your book will be e-mailed to you. After you okay it, the EXE or executable version, which includes the Reader, will be mailed to you on a CD through the regular, old-fashioned mail.

The Reader

You can also install the Reader from the Desktop Author homepage, if you'd like to know a little more, first, about the people who made the wonderful program we use for these maximally cool eBooks. Partway down the page, look for the words ABOUT DNL READER. Right there, in the middle, is a little multi-colored button that says "Get DNL Reader."

Security note: It's a digitally signed executable located on a secured server. In other words, as safe as can be.

Software developer: DNAML Pty. Ltd. of Australia.





Downloaded: Whether you open the Digital eBook or save it to your computer and then open it, the book should appear on your screen surrounded by a solid color background.

CD: Your computer may launch the eBook automatically. Otherwise, double-click on your My Computer icon, then double-click on your computer's CD-ROM drive icon.

When the front cover of the book appears, click on the cover to turn the page.

At any time, you can right-click on the page, and get a whole list of possibilities:

Menu bar - This puts a gray bar across the top edge of the book, offering various controls, including "minimize" and "exit". You can also put the book aside temporarily by turning off the background and dragging the book out of the way.

Turn page forward, turn page back

Go to a specific page

Turn mode - Make the pages turn like a real book, or slide across, or wipe. The different styles are appropriate for different kinds of books, depending on what you use it for.

Page turn speed - Whichever page turning style you choose, this control lets you make it happen faster or slower.

Send mail - Share the book with others. The Send Mail feature works with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

Set auto turn - Keeps the pages turning automatically, to use for a retail or book fair display.

Background - Unless the book already fills your whole screen, this makes the solid-color background margin appear, or disappear so you can see your regular desktop around the book. A Digital eBook looks much prettier with the solid color background on.

Back to previous page viewed, forward to previous page viewed - Instantly find again the most recent page you looked at.

Print - Allows the person viewing your book to print one page or all pages, and gives a choice of print sizes. (This of course depends on the individual printer and driver.) Or, the reader's ability to print any of the book can be turned off.

Save as - Allow the person viewing your book to save it to their computer.

Close menu


What's that thing on the front of the book?
The small graphic with simple instructions is the "Front Cover Notifier." Your book can have the same front cover notifier as on our sample books. Or any graphic of your choice, including one that's made of words. Or you can choose to have no front cover notifier.