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Novelists, Journalists,
Screenwriters, Directors, Actors who live or lived in Venice

Through the Veil

Reminiscences by Moe Stavnezer

Jack Ibarra

Christmas Ladder

Carol Biddulph Dickinson reminiscences





Venizens? Is that a word? Denizens and citizens of Venice, past and present.

People in their Own Words:

Nobody Leaves Venice A-K

Nobody Leaves Venice L-Z

Individuals' pages that don't fit in other sections:

Jack Ibarra
Moe Stavnezer
Carol Biddulph Dickinson

Group pages:

Actors, Screenwriters, Directors, Novelists and Journalists who live or lived in Venice

Actors, Screenwriters, Directors, Novelists and Journalists with Studio,Office or Hangout in Venice including even single sightings

Rubber Tramps of Venice

Poets Roster

Musicians and Street Performers

Visual Artists Roster




Individuals with pages in other sections. This may not be an up-to-date list. Use the search box at the bottom of the page if you're looking for somebody.

Rana Ayzeren

Carol Berkson

Kate Braverman

Avid Brickman

Lynne Bronstein

Chris Burden

Jack Chipman

Tony "Circles"

Allan Cole

Wanda Coleman

Lance Diskan

Danny Elfman

Helen K. Garber

C.H. (Brick) Garrigues

Goldie Glitters

John Hamilton

Pat Hartman

Ted Hawkins

Arielle Haze

Philomene Long

Francisco Lupica

Harry Partch

Stuart Z. Perkoff

Sarai Ribicoff

David Rosen

"Wino" Bob Schmidt

Scott Shellstrom

Paul Tanck

John Thomas

Laura Shepard Townsend

Michael Ventura

Jeff Verges

Bob Wells


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